We concluded our AI for Social Good workshop series in August 2020. Click here to check out the workshop resources.

AI for Social Good

Virtual Workshop Series

As AI becomes more ubiquitous, so do its opportunities to positively affect society. At the same time, so increase ways that AI can be used to hurt and disrupt people's lives. "AI for Social Good" is a Stanford course-turned-workshop series, aimed at training the next generation of socially-conscientious AI engineers.


Deep Learning

July 22

Learn about Neural Networks and how to apply them for social good and medicine.
Invited Speaker: Pranav Rajpurkar

Computer Vision

July 29

Find out how to make a computer see, and how its Vision can become biased.
Invited Speaker: Deborah Raji

Natural Language Processing

August 5

Teach a computer English and understand how texts can inject societal biases.
Invited Speaker: TBA

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